Universal geneve movement dating

We would conservatively describe it as a piece that has been used now and again over the years, but always with care, and perhaps primarily on special occasions.

The condition of this watch is extremely good throughout, though it would be an exaggeration to describe it as being literally new-old-stock mint.

Dials on rectangular watches tend to suffer quite badly from staining by dust and moisture, their cases not being as effectively sealed as those on screw back circular models.

Very few untouched 1930s rectangular dials have survived in the state of the one here, and for the serious collector looking for investment grade pieces that he can own over the long term, this is a rare find.

Measures 30mm obviously the case could do with some work with stainless steel back and base metal uppers. What is your opinion regarding case restoration yes,or no.

Thanks According to Universal it is a military watch and is certainly identical to the watch you mention.

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