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The current firmware version of OPEN (generic) GB is KC910-V10g-JAN-07-2009-OPN-GB 2: Update to OPEN (generic) EU firmware (you will get Google Suite package in this version)KC910-DZ-V10k-JAN-31-2009-OPN-EU Direct download: You will need to use the LG Mobile Download Program (Europe version) to install the firmware Direct download: 3: Update to the custom firmware (which is probably the best option)KC01-V10k May 31 2009 (based on OPEN EU with KC910i Camera and Video Camera Interface, also colour icons when using the black theme, its also way faster to use, probably the best custom firmware there is)Direct download will need to use the LG Mobile Download Program (Europe version) to install the firmware Direct download: NOTE: Using the custom firmware means you will void warranty (but hey you can always switch back to the firmware your handset had so no big issue). 5 gives me KC910-MSM6281-v10k-Jan-31-2009-xx(R409615C). Now, i want to go back to original software/flash (i hope i dont loose originally installed prog's) cause im going to swap this with friends (almost new)Nokia 6210. I assumed that I would use LGMDP_OPEN, for a unlocked Virgin supplied phone, (KC910AT-00-V10G-505-xx-May-10-2009), however seeing as it crashed while backing up, I am somewhat reluctant to use that file.

So anyone that has recently updated their phone, could you let me know which version of LGMDP you used.

However my MMS doesn't seem to be working, when I try to retrieve MMS it fails saying 'Host is not found' I thought this was an error that should happen if you haven't configured the MMS settings. I downloaded and installed the latest firmware for my Renoir, my phone does not seem to be responding and the screen turned bright yellow with the word "refreshing" appearing for the last 30 mins....something gone wrong? Would anyone help me with the info about the correct firmware? I've readed a lot of post because I want to upgrade my firmware because is too old, but no one post match with my cell info.

Here my info: SW Version: KC910-MSM6281-V10b-OCT-04-2008-GB Media Version: KC910-MEDIA-V10b-OCT-04-2008-O2-GB Module Version: KC910-MODULE-V10b-OCT-04-2008-O2-xx Factory Version: KC910AT-00-V10b-234-10-OCT-04-2008 Thank you very much!! I'm a mexican user, I bought the cell online and I think that it is for UK, but I can put SIM of two diferent mexican companies.

Thanks, Downloading the firmware now, hope it still lets me be on NZ vodafone after updated. I've unzipped the LG Mobile Download program, which one (file) do I run?

LGMDP_or LGMDP_H3Also before I open the program do I need to remove the SIM/battery or anything like that from the handset? Hi there, So I opened up the LGMDP_and clicked on 'select port'.

In the pop up box I tick the box and press the 'connect' button however after that there is no dz button.

Tip: Once you install it, let me know and I'll upload to sendspace the OPEN AU flex files, all you have to do then is use EFS to upload those files to the handsets internal file system in order not to have issues later on. You will find it hard and I dont have the time tonight to post step by step how to make sure it works with the Renoir. Hi Netstats, thanks for the quick reply, I did the Auto Profile Test I didn't see one that was VDF 530-01 I did however see two other similar ones Number 7: VDF(286,2)And Number 15: VDF(602,2) I accidentally pushed one of the options in there and I think it loaded some weird settings, the phone was suddenly in another language but I changed it back, I think I lost some vodafone mms and internet profile info but that's no biggie, I can get that back. forum/lg-renoir/12157Perhaps it hasn't been working because I should be setting the 'country and language' option to something like Saudi Arabia? No problem there, if you want the Australian based firmware you can download it from here

So go to mygreatrphone and read the newbies guide on how to use EFS Hi guys, I'm living in New Zealand and got a Renoir which I'd like to update. I put in the testing number and the version info yielded this: KC910AT-00-V10b-ARB-XX-NOV-21-2008 My question is which firmware should I use to update my Renoir? Do either of those two entries up there mean anything to you? Followed all the instructions and when it gets to the upgrade screen with the progress bar it gets to about 30% then says: "your cell phone does not support S/W upgrade" I took out the SIM and mini SD card as advised by others. d=BAGGDXUM you will then need LG Mobile Download program files and put them into a folder called LG KC910 Connect the handset to the USB and PC and set the handset to PC Suite mode.

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well as i said you have the generic open australian firmware, no suck generic nz firmware exists.

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