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besides my desktop and server, all other computers (laptop & another desktop) use ubuntu (more up-to-date packages than stable, but security support and regular releases unlike testing) as those installations are "disposable" (very little customization, all data kept on the server).My first Linux distribution was Corel Linux (Debian based ironically) in 1998 or 1999, since then i tried most popular distributions.Although I tried about every distro alive at the time, I stuck with Debian as seen as it had had its chance.I guess that's a familiar story among those having "always been with Debian".I don't dislike Red Hat, I just think Debian is better.I've not used SUSE or Slack so I can't comment about them.

Then I had to use Red Hat (6.x-7.2) but it was hard to get current software (for php4 it was was ugly to solve dependencies by hand...) With woody (it was testing ;)) I switched over and still I´m happy with debian on my servers (woody,sarge,etch) and of course on my desktop/laptop (lenny) 7horstenstarted with red hat 5.2 in early 1999 and stayed with red hat through 6.2 until i moved to debian sometime in late 2000 or early 2001 (testing/woody on the desktop and stable/potato on my server).*sigh*Then I must be a masochist because I'm typing this on my debian laptop.Unfortunately the install was a small struggle compared to the previous Ubuntu install but I've stipped away the cruft from gnome without the who system crashing (which it did when I tried it on Ubuntu) and it boots twice as fast as it did before and ... After starting with Slackware 3.0 moving to Su SE, then Gentoo when Su SE was bought out by Novell.I've used Debian at home ever since and my partner and father now run Debian, as I no longer support Windows systems.At work the most recent systems I've installed have been Debian too.

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It is used as an alternative VPN for the IPsec internet based. I really like the noised that modems make when they connect to another modem. If the Ubuntu folk hadn't kept piling on more and more Gnome crap and sneaking in random widgets to eat up all my CPU, I would never have been mad enough to switch.

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