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Thanks Vicky To answer many of the questions: Here it is again for those who are NOT READING my advice!

Don't be afraid to call this number 1300-559-535 about all of your passport questions and speak to a client information officer.

You risk taking the wrong information from people who "THINK" they know.

The Passport Office in Sydney are KIWI's who are very friendly and helpful.

You might want to check on whether you can simply renew your NZ passport or if you need to reapply for a new passport.

It depends on how long it's been since it expired. Hi Anna, I'm planning to travel abroad but my NZ passport is expired.

It takes 10 days for the application to be processed or you can pay 4 for an urgent application which takes 3 days. (thats a heads up for all your documents, drivers licence etc its easier to keep them up to date ) You are even given instructions on how to take and upload your own paasport photo and the website tells you if the photo is acceptable.

But I didn't apply for my Australian citizenship before.

Now just want to ask if I can apply for Australian citizenship and then renew my NZ passport and travel using my NZ passport?

They know the answers and will give you the correct advice to solve your problems.

If you cannot find someone to sign your passport - The Passport Office will tell you that you "need to know someone" who has a "Valid New Zealand Passport" You can call someone "you know" in NZ who can be your referee.

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