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tmux package is available in the main open SUSE repositories.

Install it using command: NAME=open SUSE VERSION="13.2 (Harlequin)" VERSION_ID="13.2" PRETTY_NAME="open SUSE 13.2 (Harlequin) (x86_64)" ID=opensuse ANSI_COLOR="0;32" CPE_NAME="cpe:/o:opensuse:opensuse:13.2" BUG_REPORT_URL="https://bugs.opensuse.org" HOME_URL="https://opensuse.org/" ID_LIKE="suse" Please be mindful that if upgrade process terminate due to power or Internet failure, then you’ll be end up with broken system. In my personal opinion, the upgrade process took too much time and irritated me many times with an error “failed digestive system…” message often. In some cases, the retry doesn’t help me, so I press “a” to abort the package download and continue the upgrade.

The open SUSE 13.2 stable version is out few days ago.

For more details, read the open SUSE 13.2 release announcement and new features of 13.2 here.

The further your configuration strays from a default installation, the more difficulty you may encounter when performing an update.

Have you done any custom compiling of the kernel or other components on your system?

Since Su SE is an RPM-based distribution, most of the components will be updated through the RPM process.

Have you manually edited any configuration files to take advantage of options not addressed by the distribution's configuration tools?

Any of these things can cause problems when an update occurs.

It is very common to tweak a kernel to support hardware.

Often this hardware is supported in the later version.

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