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BMW Retrofit kits include a new receiver drier, capacity label, the low pressure switch, valve adapters and O rings.If you change your compressor, check if it is already filled with the right quantity of PAG lubricant. Have a SHOP (not in the driveway) remove the R12 left in the system, don't open it to the atmosphere PLEASE DON'T! Place the new pressure switch included in the kit onto the receiver/drier. Replace the old receiver drier with the new unit with the new pressure switch. If you have a E34 built before 2/1989, you have 3 switches and 6 wires on your old drier.Automotive Flushing Forum (Supported By Hecat Inc.) Heat Exchanger Cleaning & Applied Technologies Forum provided to discuss internal flushing procedures. Until 1995, most cars with air conditioning used R-12 Freon refrigerant that is said to have a negative side effect of damaging the ozone layer and is no longer produced in most countries.However, this doesn’t mean the two oils are interchangeable; while ND-oil 12 can be used for both R134a and R1234yf, it doesn’t work the other way around and ND-oil 8 cannot be used for R1234yf type refrigerant.It can get confusing with the number of different compressors, each with a specific DENSO oil.

The larger red one goes onto the high pressure side (line from the condenser through the sight glass to the expansion valve).

R134 drawbacks: The only drawback of R134 is that the cooling efficiency is not as good as R12, but I am pretty sure that you will not notice it (except if you live in the Death Valley).

Molecule of R134a are smaller and there for more prone to leakage...

The new ND-oil 12 can be used in R134a type refrigerant systems, without needing to flush the system and remove the remaining ND-oil 8 from the A/C system, though technicians must make sure there is no dirt in the A/C system.

The impact on the Aftermarket The first changes in the Aftermarket have appeared for FIAT applications.

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