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So we try to do a really good job of being human beings in the rest of our life.”Shepard and Bell got married at the Beverly Hills County Clerk’s Office on October 17, 2013, three years after getting engaged.

Have a party and be like, ‘Look at us celebrating this thing you can’t do? Occasionally swinging from the IV pole to try and feel sexy and open up my hips.– is so healthy.” Shepard also weighed in with his thoughts on the subject, saying, “I said to Kristen, ‘We should try hard to police ourselves about becoming contemptuous of each other.If I ever see you roll your eyes at me, we need to hit pause and figure out what’s going on.'”, where celebrities would get tricked or had jokes pulled on them. This began in 2003 and carried on successfully for years.He has also said that he was more excited about being on talk shows than he was actually acting.Although he had friends who did stand-up in Detroit, he was too scared.

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