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In 2014, Wang designed an exhibit for World Trade Centre (Hong Kong), in line with the 2014 FIFA World Cup, where Wang's artwork, M JO products, and his label's iconic JO robot were on display from 30 May - 17 July 2014.In 2014, Wang was invited to design the "M JO - JO Robot" series of virtual stickers/large-sized emoji for Line (application), making him the first Taiwanese celebrity to design purchasable stickers for the company.Wang is most well known as the male lead in the Taiwanese drama KO One (終極一班) (in which he plays the character Wang Da Dong, where he got his nickname, as it is quite similar to his real name, Wang Dong Cheng) and its sequel The X-Family.He is also known for roles such as Ah Jin in It Started with a Kiss, as Jin Xiu Yi in the live-action Taiwanese drama, Hana-Kimi (花樣少年少女), and Huang Tai Jing in the Taiwanese adaptation of Fabulous Boys (原來是是美男).

Wang also composed the lyrics to their song, "人間逃亡記" (Rénjiān táowáng jì).

Unfortunately, because I'm still in the midst of an ongoing, prior filming commitment, I have to honor those unfinished work commitments in order not to hold up the entire production team, and will thus have to regretfully give this training opportunity up." During a media interview at a promotional event for the KO One Re-act television series, Wang reiterated his thanks for fans' warm support.

Though his disappointment at the missed opportunity was palpable, he called the voting process a fantastic memory to have and to hold with his fans.

He was approached again around 2004, launching the start of his acting career.

He speaks fluent Taiwanese and Mandarin, and understands conversational English.

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