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Actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers — who plays King Henry VIII on “The Tudors” — was spotted on the streets of London looking extremely disheveled, brown-bagging a bottle of cheap booze and pouring himself a cup right out on the street.

Meyers stumbled through the streets last week in a vodka-spattered T-shirt, matted hair and unbuttoned jeans as he downed shots in broad daylight.

Born John O'Keefe in Dublin 28 years ago, Rhys Meyers doesn't come from that British pool of actors who so pleased Allen when he arrived to shoot Match Point.

But then Rhys Meyers doesn't sound like a Dublin boy.

The encounter that changes his life is with Tom Hewitt, the spoiled but sociable son of a wealthy family, who invites Chris to spend time at his parents' estate.

Outside lies the city which for so long was so essential to the imagination of the director who sits in another suite in this hotel, talking about Rhys Meyers's turn in his newest film.

The island of Manhattan, with its cast of millions and its tendency - especially here on the Upper East Side - to look and sound as though the lights of a Woody Allen crew must be somewhere nearby, as though the cameras must be picking up every crank, every oddball, every overbearing mother and over-anxious son.

While Chris could be viewed as the Allen character, the one likely, had this film been made 20 or even 10 years ago, to have been played by Allen himself, Rhys Meyers says he had "no interest" in playing that character. He gives perhaps the closest picture of himself when he talks about the lighter moments of shooting, about the practical jokes he played on Allen (wearing, for one photo-shoot, the glasses for which the 70-year-old had been loudly searching for half an hour beforehand), and when he imitates the timid whine of Allen's voice with perfect - and genuinely funny - pitch.

"There's only one person who can really play Woody Allen, and that's Woody Allen," he says. If Woody had asked me to play a younger version of him, I wouldn't have done it." But Rhys Meyers had a clear idea of what he wanted to do with his character in Match Point, and what he appreciated most about working with Allen was that the director allowed him to forge ahead in this way. Rhys Meyers had little sense of Allen's work, he admits. but I wasn't a huge Woody Allen fan, which made it easier for me to work with him, to be objective," he says. Matters are helped by his dark beauty - and it is beauty, though growing less ethereal with age - which has in its sharpness more than a hint of menace.

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