Wu chun dating 2016

Not only is he talented, he is also incredibly dedicated, which I think is a skill in and of itself.

He has injured himself multiple times, but still pulls through and performs!

She made a big error many years ago and, because of this, she has been ...

See full summary » Dan is a care-free angel who always gets into trouble.

In order to return to heaven, he is tasked with a mission to find true love for a cold and single-minded ballerina Lee Yun Seo, but ends up falling for her himself. See full summary » I read most of the reviews here and they don't do justice to the movie at all This movie is written details to the specific conditions and circumstances are extraordinary. One of the reason biggest reason being the cultural difference.

About an actor who's showcase family is famous and a radio writer who fell in love with radio after her mother became blind when she was a teen. See full summary » Doo-Sik (Jo Jung-suk) gets paroled from prison thanks to his younger brother (Do Kyung-Soo) Doo-Young.

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The two dramas he is most well known for are “Just You” and “Fall in Love With Me.” In “Just You,” he plays germaphobe Qi Yi, who moves back to Taiwan from New York.

He becomes the proud new owner of both GAZE marketing design company and a new house. Turns out, Chen Liang Liang (Puff Guo) is living in that house, and there is no way she’s leaving.

I’ve never been a fan of when characters just put on glasses and then suddenly no one can recognize them (I’m looking at you Superman). On top of that, he speaks English quite well, since he lived in America (Connecticut) for five years when he was younger.

I love listening to him in English because it’s this deeper version of his regular voice, and let’s be honest, pretty sexy smexy.

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